9 Dec 2009

Week Two

So it's week two of our Apocalypse 40k game and the Tyranids have finally reached the guard lines.

The Valkyries swoop in to deal death and destruction, dropping several squads of stormtroopers.

Things don't go well though and two Valkyries are quickly brought down by leaping Carnifexes!

Who then burst through the guard line.

To the right of this action, Commissar Yarrick and his Ogryns face down the horde.

While on the other side of the command building, more Carnifexes rip through a baneblade and into the Executioner and Stormsword behind.

But Yarrick and his Ogryns fight on.

Even when the Carnifexes run amock, taking out his supporting baneblade, Yarrick is undaunted.

At the end of week two the Guard centre is looking in very bad shape. They look like soon losing their last superheavy too.

But things are going better on the left and there is still a significant guard reserve to bring on.


  1. Looking good boys. I'll be down soon. S.

  2. Hi

    I think you need a 'Contact Us' link on your blog, otherwise as a club there is no way for people to find out more about you & when you mee.t

  3. Good point. I've added a link now.